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Three-dimensional Embroidery 立体刺绣香囊

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Products                  : Traditional three-dimensional embroidery sachet 

Products Size           : 10*10CM

Degree of Difficulty   : 3 LEVER

Use                           : Charm , Crane , Gift , Sachet

Products Material      : Embroidery Structure , 

                                    Satin Embroidery , 

                                    Back Stitch Embroidery , 

                                    Knot Embroidery , 

                                    Linear Embroidery

What does a set of products contain?

Needle and thread (30% more thread), beads, tassels, sling, fabric, hoop, lining, fragrance (lavender), instructions, video tutorials

Is the product a finished product?

No, it's a DIY handmade material package, you have to embroider it yourself  

What is more innovative than a gift made by yourself? 

We focus on making DIY handmade materials, 
( Hand-handicapped parties, and 0-based products ) can be completed. 
Independent video tutorial, customer service 12 hours online to help you complete. Come on!

福神迎进门 喜气自来临 财神,钟馗与兔儿爷是深入人心的民间福神 他们分别象征着平安,财富和吉祥 

The gods of wealth, Zhong Kui and Tuerye are popular folk gods of good fortune. They respectively symbolize peace, wealth and auspiciousness. 

😍 财神爷 The gods of wealth 

财神在中国道教中是主管时间财富的神明,倾注了人们朴素情感,寄托着“ 安居乐业,财源滚滚 ” 的美好心愿。 身穿锦衣玉带,头戴朝冠,身穿红袍,白脸长须,面带笑容,文雅非凡。 手执如意,聚宝盆,金元宝,招财条幅,钱串,寓意 “ 招财纳福 ” 

The God of Wealth is a god in charge of time and wealth in Chinese Taoism, infused with people's simple emotions, and entrusted with the beautiful wish of "live and work in peace and contentment, with rich wealth". 

Wearing brocade clothes and jade belt, wearing a crown, red robe, white face and long beard, with a smile on his face, elegant and extraordinary. Hold on to wishful thinking, cornucopia, gold ingots, lucky banners, money strings, meaning "fortune and fortune" 

😍 钟馗 Zhong Kui 

钟馗是深入民心的人间福神,为人们带来好运的希望。随着历史的演变,钟馗文化逐渐具有民俗文化价值。 据 《 唐 ● 钟馗传略 》史书记载:“ 夫钟馗者,姓钟名馗,古有雍州终南人也,生与终南而居于终南,文武双修,豹头环眼,铁面虬鬓,相貌奇异,锦纶满腹,刚正不阿,不惧邪祟,持人正直,肝胆相照,获贡士首状元不及,抗辩无果,报国无门,舍生取义 ,怒撞殿柱亡,皇以状元职葬之,托梦驱鬼愈唐明皇之疾,封”赐福镇宅圣君“,诏告天下,遍悬《钟馗赐福镇宅图》护福祛邪魅以佑平安。” 

Zhong Kui is a god of good fortune who is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and brings people hope of good luck. With the evolution of history, Zhong Kui culture gradually has folk cultural value. According to the historical records of "The Biography of Zhong Kui of the Tang Dynasty": "The husband of Zhongkui, whose surname is Zhongkui, was a native of Zhongnan in Yongzhou in ancient times. He lived in Zhongnan during his life and the whole southern part. 

Strange appearance, full of nylon, upright and unreasonable, not afraid of evil, upright, daring, not as good as the leader of the tribute, no defense, no way to serve the country, giving up his life for righteousness, violent death on the pillar, the emperor is buried with the title of champion, and is driven by the dream. The ghost healed the Tang Minghuang’s illness, was named "Blessing the Holy King of the Town House", and the edict was sent to the world, and "Zhong Kui's Blessing of the Town House" was published everywhere to protect blessings and dispel evil charms for peace." 

😍 免儿爷 Clay rabbit for the mid-autumn festival 

免儿爷寄托了人们希望平安吉祥的美好愿望。 相传有一年北京城里忽然起了瘟疫,嫦娥目睹百姓苦难派玉兔下凡为百姓祛灾除病。 起初玉兔一身白衣觉得不吉利。机智的他看到身边的神像身披铠甲就借来穿在自己身上,骑着坐骑东奔西走的救人。消除了京城的瘟疫之后,玉兔就回到月宫中去了。百姓为了感激他,将其供奉为祛灾除病之神。 

Mian Erye has placed people's good wishes for peace and auspiciousness. 

According to legend, one year there was a plague in Beijing, and Chang'e witnessed the suffering of the people and sent jade rabbits to the world to cure the people. 

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