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Puzzle 1000pcs 拼图 Landscapes

RM 19.99
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【Please note that this product does not contain photo frames.】 

Product name: Ultra-difficult puzzle 1000 pieces 

Recommended age: More than 8 years old 

P06 Smooth sailing and P11 Heaven and hell 

Package Size: 36*26*5cm 

Complete size: 50*75cm 

Remaining puzzle 

Package Size: 18*13*5cm 

Complete size: 26*38cm

If you would like to challenge yourself? 

If you would like to play and interact with your child and want to train their ability? 

This difficult puzzle is the best for you. 

Product features: 

1. Clear Vivid Pattern 

The pattern of the puzzle is printed with environmental protection technique and it is very clear and vivid, fully restore the original pattern and very attractive. 

2.Various Themes 

There are several different themes to choose, including scenery and cartoon, you could choose your favorite theme and try to organize it to get a beautiful pattern. 

3.Quality Materials 

This product is made of friendly wooden materials, which will do no harm to kids’ health. All the surface of the products are smoothed and have no burr, will not harm kids’ hands 

4.A Good Way to Relax 

To organize the puzzle, you need to highly focus on it, thus it can help you take a break from the daily life and work and enjoy your own spare time and relax. Also, it is very beneficial to develop the focus ability of you kids. 


1.How to use the rubber powder? 

Firstly, you need to mix the powder with 50ml warm water and stir well and then leave it for several hours. After you finish the puzzle and the rubber powder dissolve completely, then you could pour the solving liquid over the puzzle and use some tool to scrape evenly, after few hours, the puzzles will stick together. 

2.How many days I can receive parcel? 

We are a spot seller in Malaysia , 1-3 Working days can receive . 

3.How about the product quality? 

100% original material, pass CCC and Europe test. Good for kids. 

4.How about the seller guarantee? 

Our shop insure that the product is 100% safe and good condition. If it have any situation, we can help you to figure it out. The warranty is available. 


Please use this product under the supervision of an adult. All packaging and packaging components must be removed before the child is allowed to play. Wipe the toy with a damp cloth after use to keep it clean. Please stay away fire. 

【Worry-free Purchase】 

If you receive any quality problems, you can rest assured that we will unconditionally replace you with new quality-assured products. If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time, we will provide you with professional.

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