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Embroidery material bag creative gift self-embroidered photo frame 自绣创意相框

RM 39.90
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Product name 产品                                       ;   Embroidery DIY PhotoFrame
Product size 产品尺码                                  ;11*15CM / 12*12CM
Degree of difficulty 难易程度                        ;1 LEVER
Time-consuming production 制作耗时          ;2-4 Hours
Use 用途                                                       ;   Notepad, Handbook, Study Notes
Product material 产品材质                            ;   Embroidery structure; Satin embroidery, Back stitch embroidery, Knot embroidery, Linear embroidery

What does a set of products contain?

Needle and thread (30% more thread), beads, tassels, sling, fabric, hoop, lining, fragrance (lavender), instructions, video tutorials

Is the product a finished product?

No, it's a DIY handmade material package, you have to embroider it yourself  

What is more innovative than a gift made by yourself? 

We focus on making DIY handmade materials, 
( Hand-handicapped parties, and 0-based products ) can be completed. 
Independent video tutorial, customer service 12 hours online to help you complete. Come on!

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