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Dream catcher double-sided embroidery 双面绣捕梦网

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Products                   : Dream catcher double-sided embroidery

Lanyard Length        : 37CM

Feather size            : 13CM

Degree of Difficulty   : 1 LEVER 

Use                           : Charm , Crane , Gift , Sachet

Products Material      : Embroidery Structure , 

                                    Satin Embroidery , 

                                    Back Stitch Embroidery , 

                                    Knot Embroidery , 

                                    Linear Embroidery

What does a set of products contain?

Needle and thread (30% more thread), beads, tassels, sling, fabric, hoop, lining, fragrance (lavender), instructions, video tutorials

Is the product a finished product?

No, it's a DIY handmade material package, you have to embroider it yourself  

What is more innovative than a gift made by yourself? 

We focus on making DIY handmade materials, 
( Hand-handicapped parties, and 0-based products ) can be completed. 
Independent video tutorial, customer service 12 hours online to help you complete. Come on!

源于古老神秘 ,印第安文化灵感 

Originated from ancient mystery, inspired by Indian culture 

捕梦网源于18世纪,印第安人用它来捕获美丽的梦幻,原始 温馨而又神秘。他们相信夜晚的空气中充满着各种的梦幻搭配彩色羽毛,传闻好梦会顺着羽毛留下来,而噩梦会困在网中,并随着清晨的阳光而消逝,设计师源于捕梦网的灵感,祝您好梦 

Dream catcher originated in the 18th century. Indians used it to capture beautiful dreams, primitive, warm and mysterious.

They believe that the night air is full of various dreams with colored feathers, and it is rumored that good dreams will stay along the feathers. The nightmare will be trapped in the net and disappear with the morning sun. The designer is inspired by the dream catcher, wish you a good dream

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