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Cross stitch Hand-embroidered Decoration 十字绣装饰

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Kit Name                                    : Cat playing with Butterflies 

Embroidery cloth size                : 45*65CM 

Screen size                                : 35*53CM 

Total number of grids                 : 151*230 

Number of embroidery thread   : 32 

Needle method                          : Full needle, Hook edge, Mixed needle 

Embroidery cloth color               : White (Cleaning method: soak in water + Detergent or soapy water, Wash after the color fades) 

Standard package                      : Embroidery cloth, Embroidery needles (2 pieces), Embroidery thread, Drawings 

Material                                       : 3 strands of Ecological cotton 

Warm reminder                           : Printed embroidery cloth effect (size 1-2CM error is a normal phenomenon) 

🧡Ange embroidered cloth 

Embroidered cloth imported from Germany is smooth and compact 『Accuracy as high as 99%』 

✨ 30% thicker 

✨ Double needle satin edge 

✨ Sizing Technology 

✨ Not easily deformed 

✨ Widen 10CM 

✨ Delicate and skin-friendly 

✨ Clear printing 

✨ Clearly printed 

🧡Ecological cotton thread 

Ecological cotton thread belongs to domestic polyester cotton thread. The embroidery thread is softer and stronger. It is a common embroidery thread on the market. 

✨ Embroidery thread +30% 

✨ Bright colors 

✨ Feel comfortable 

✨ Should not be knotted

✨ Raising rate 1/1000 

✨ Not easy to disconnected 

The fresh and comfortable printing is optimized through repeated scrutiny by the designer.....

The final typesetting produces a printing effect with clear colors. 

The symbols are clear. Easy to distinguish, Easy to use

What does a set of products contain?

Needle and thread (30% more thread), beads, tassels, sling, fabric, hoop, lining, fragrance (lavender), instructions, video tutorials

Is the product a finished product?

No, it's a DIY handmade material package, you have to embroider it yourself  

What is more innovative than a gift made by yourself? 

We focus on making DIY handmade materials, 
( Hand-handicapped parties, and 0-based products ) can be completed. 
Independent video tutorial, customer service 12 hours online to help you complete. Come on!


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