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Blessing Cute Keychain Hand-embroidered 卡通情侣钥匙圈刺绣

RM 48.80
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Products                   : Blessing Cute Keychain Hand-embroidered

Main body diameter : 5cm*5.5CM

Degree of Difficulty   : 1 LEVER

Use                           : Charm , Crane , Gift , Sachet

Products Material      : Embroidery Structure , 

                                    Satin Embroidery , 

                                    Back Stitch Embroidery , 

                                    Knot Embroidery , 

                                    Linear Embroidery

What does a set of products contain?

Needle and thread (30% more thread), beads, tassels, sling, fabric, hoop, lining, fragrance (lavender), instructions, video tutorials

Is the product a finished product?

No, it's a DIY handmade material package, you have to embroider it yourself  

What is more innovative than a gift made by yourself? 

We focus on making DIY handmade materials, 
( Hand-handicapped parties, and 0-based products ) can be completed. 
Independent video tutorial, customer service 12 hours online to help you complete. Come on!

萌宠钥匙扣,简单有爱 不磨人

Cute pet keychain, Simple and loving, Not irritating
High-quality accessories     : Metal keychains, Striped stars, Candy-colored bells
Accessories include             : Instructions, Independent video tutorials, Embroidery thread, Non-woven fabric, Keychain accessories, Embroidery needles, Padding cotton

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